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Our Rig

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

2nd day Piney Creek NC-Grayson Highlands S.P VA

Map picture

Grayson Highlands is Virginia's third largest state park with just over 4500 acres of land and is located in Grayson County near Mount Rogers National Recreation Area. The elevation is higher than any other state park in Virginia and  best known for  beautiful vistas and the wild ponies that live in the highlands (we did not see any). Expect to see spectacular views from  many trails and overlooks, such as the famous Sugarlands Overlook on the main park road. On a clear day, you can see for 70 miles and in the fall the red leaves of the sugar maples create a beautiful sight.

We chose 2 hikes ,first- The Cabin Creek Trail ,2 miles round trip as the trail is a long a running Creek and a waterfall ,I must say that we expected the waterfall to be more with water but maybe at the end of June that’s what you get.

Cabin Crrek Trail- Grayson Highland S.P VA

The second hike –Big&Small Pinnacle 1.6 miles R/T, it was very rewarding as you could see 360 from the highest point in this magnificent park.

View from Little pinicle Grayson Highland S.P        Grayson Highland S.P VA

View from Little pinicle Grayson Highland S.P       View from Little pinicle Grayson Highland S.P

After a picnic we decided to get “lost” on the way back and took the back roads from the park to our C.G ,the way to do it is you put your GPS on “Shortest” instead of “Fastest” (it is like this in my Tom Tom) and let the GPS lead to you through some stunning places you would never drive without this instrument,I tried to find a road without view but there was none ,all roads in this area are like taken from paradise.

View from Piney Creek to Grayson Highlands S.P VA

That’s it for today ,we try to hike every day to keep the doctor away……


Jim and Sandie said...

Since we don't hike, I am so happy you guys do. I get to see so many beautiful places with you.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

It is my pleasure, one day we will go to a doctor that will give us an injection and we will "think" we were there....I hope it will not come to it.

Peter + Beatrix said...

Absolutely beautiful area. How about the temps? We have heard it's pretty hot down there.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Hi Peter&Beatrix
Thank for you interest in our blog.
During the night 54F and in the day 82F-Just perfect for us