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Our Rig

Monday, June 18, 2012

5th Day Chuckey TN- Millstone Creek Falls TN

We have hike to many waterfalls during our travels but never ever saw one that is located in the backyard on a private property ,but I guess there is always a first time.

A short 1/2 hour drive from our C.G we reached an entrance to a private property,reading Mark’s blog http://appalachiantreks.blogspot.com/2007/08/millstone-creek-falls.html I understood that the owner’s do allow a visit if you “behave” so we rolled into the driveway and asked the owner permission to visit the falls.

He was very kind and let us walk his wooden path passing his house to the looking point,woow what a place and all this in his backyard with a cozy sitting area.

Millstone Creek Falls TN

Builders that were working at the house told us that in winter the falls freeze and they are 20 feet wide what makes it an outstanding site.

Millstone Creek Falls TN                        Millstone Creek Falls TN

Some more pictures from the same location.

After thanking the owner we drove down stream and took a hike to the lower part of the falls and that too through a private forest surrounding the falls.

Millstone Creek Falls TN

The falls run down into the beautiful Nolichucky River that provides nice spots for swimming,fishing and camping.


Nolichuky River TN<br /><br />Quick Info<br /><br />Address and Phone:<br />100 S. Main Ave.<br />Erwin, TN 37650<br /><br />Email: chris@unicoicounty.org <br />Phone:             (423) 743-3000      <br /><br />Nolichucky River TN                        Nolichuky River TN

Nolichucky River TN

We walked the beach ,sat on the rocks and enjoyed the light breeze coming our way,Shula took the time to register the moment.

                                        Shula taking notes on Nolichuky River TN 

That is it for today,tomorrow we hook up and head towards Bluff City TN to discover new places,adventures and friends.

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John and Carol said...

What a wonderful find. Looks like a little piece of heaven. We love waterfalls too.