Our Rig

Our Rig

Thursday, June 28, 2012

3rd Day Piney Creek NC-Blue Ridge Music Center

Map picture

WARNING-No Hiking or Waterfalls in this post ,sorry Jim and Sandie,but tomorrow we will compensate you for todays loss.

We took a scenic drive to visit the small towns in the area,starting from Sparta NC,a nice small pictures town,that can offer a visitor a good coffee in the local coffee shop with free internet and nice seating,a small produce shop that sells a variety of fruits,vegetables and Jams ,we did not get close to the avocado as they coast the same as gold…and a small theatre that is about to be opened to the public in 2 weeks and has maybe 30 chairs in it.

We then continued to The Blue Ridge Music Center and were lucky enough to meet Willard Gayheart & Scott Freeman that played and sang old mountain music,we enjoyed it so much that  we stayed and listened for 2 hours and took their music with us by buying their CD.

Blue Ridge Music Center VA-Willard Gayheart&Scott Freeman     Scott Freeman CD -Blue Ridge Music Center VA

A busy  hamming bird was buzzing around the feeder and it took me 11 shots to catch a good one of this bird that can not stand still for one single moment…

Huming Bird

Our next stop was Galax VA  located on the crooked road ,we strolled the downtown area that has many small nice shop and got directions to the New River Trail from the tourist information lady.

47 miles is the total length of the New River Trail  with many entering points,it is meant only for horses ,bikes and hikers,along the trail C.G and cabins can be found for those who like to stay overnight,we walked( not  hiked) along the trail for half an hour and returned to the truck.

New River Gorge VA

On the way back to our C.G in Piney Creek we felt that we deserved a treat after this long “exhausting “ day so we stopped at the famous and the only  BBQ restaurant in the area and had the best BBQ chicken and BBQ Pork Chops you can imagine (while Clint Eastwood was watching our back…)BBQ resturant Piney Creek NC

Good weather,great views,fantastic music and delicious food-what else one can ask for…

Thanks for visiting.


Jim and Sandie said...

What??? No waterfalls?? Well, you made up for it with the visit to the music center. I would really enjoy that place as well. Nice to know you guys can actually slow down and walk. lol That's about all Jim and I can do anymore. That's a great picture of the hummingbird. I have yet to get a good one - don't have the patience.

John and Carol said...

What a great day! Thanks for sharing it with us. The hummingbird picture was worth the effort.

Contessa said...

I love that particular hummer feeder....easy to clean. Enjoying your trip.