Our Rig

Our Rig

Saturday, June 16, 2012

3Day Chuckey TN-Sill Branch Falls TN

Today was a low key day only one hike to a fall and later in the evening a concert in the C.G….nice and easy ,we even had a chance to snooz afternoon –what a treat we should do it more often..

We took off around 9AM towards Still Branch Falls http://appalachiantreks.blogspot.com/2008/12/sill-branch-falls.html in the Cherokee National Forest ,it is one of the falls recommended by a blogger Mark W. Peacock that is very familiar with this area.

Cherokee N.F is a paradise for rough camping and horse riding ,the creeks runs through it provides great small beautiful and inviting spots with small rapids and nice vegetation.

After finding the parking area as described on Marks blog we hiked uphill towards the falls,as you can see it was not at its best but I am sure when it is in a full blast it is very impressive.

Sill Branch Falls TN

On the way back we stopped at a produce stand to get some fresh vegetables and great sweet corn.

At the C.G I helped Larry the owner to cut some tree branches “sitting” on my trailers roof and hit the sack for an hour or so.

Around 6PM everyone brought some food to the C.G shack ,we all got into our best outfit – clean shorts and T shirt VS shorts and T shirts and enjoyed a local noisy off key band-but it was relaxing and fun.

Saturday C.G Band


Till we meet again.

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