Our Rig

Our Rig

Friday, June 8, 2012

From Linwood NC to Rosman NC

The Crosswinds C.G owners in NC Arthur and Glenda made everything to help us get on the road,they picked us up from Charlotte A/P to their C.G,helped us transfer the rig from the storage area to a regular site with full hook ups and pointed us to places where we could service our truck and get groceries .

After 3 days we were ready to hit the road,it was not easy to say good buys,some times there is a “click” between people instantly and that what happened to us,so it took some time but finally we hit the road to our next stop in Rosman NC in Transylvania County.

The trip was 200 miles long but took around 5 hours due to traffic jams along the Hwy next to Charlotte but finally we arrived to a fantastic country side C.G nestled between mountains with a running brock along the C.G.

Lazy J C.G Offica Our site in Lazy J C.G Our rig in the C.G Lazy J C.G

The owners are a friendly couple that let you feel at home as you enter the place,it was tough to get in the C.G from the Hwy ,it is down hill and across a narrow bridge but rewording  at the end,and if you like a remote quite country side C.G with a brook and some chicken running around surrounded with many waterfalls –this is the place for you.

As we made our way  slowly on the bridge a guy was helping us make our way by directing us carefully,once we entered the C,G we were greeted by people all around ,it was like meeting a group of people we new,what a great  feeling it was.

Entrance to Lazy J C.G Lazy J C.G River

Our wakr up call in the C.G Mrs. Hen and the next generation


The C.G is located in the middle of Transylvania County NC also called the Waterfalls land http://www.visitwaterfalls.com/ and we plan to hike as many waterfalls as we can during a week or so (will post pictures in future posts).

On our first evening we were invited to share a BBQ by one of the “residents” what turned to be a very pleasant evening and we made plans to hike together on the next day.


Our new friends

It was great day to start our 2012 summer trip,we are looking forward to new exciting adventures mixed with planed agenda and unexpected surprises –that’s how we like it.

Have to pack things for tomorrow’s hike-good night it is 1030 PM and I am ready to call it a day…


Jim and Sandie said...

What a beautiful campground. Not sure I could handle that bridge to get there but it would be so worth it. Have a great hike tomorrow. Looking forward to the pictures.

Peter + Beatrix said...

Hipp-hipp you are on the road! I know the great feeling. Transsylvania County? Sounds like Dracula lives there. Watch out for him! :-))

Karen and Tony said...

Welcome back to the US! Sounds like you're having a great start to this year's adventures!