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Our Rig

Friday, August 28, 2015

Bodie Ghost Town & Travertine Natural Hot Pools


Bodie the Ghost Town is located 20 Miles from Bridgeport,the first 15Miles are paved and the rest is a dirt road.

The whole town is a State Park and every one is charged 5$ entering the town,I also suggest to bring  food and water as there is non in town, there is no shade and it is not handicap friendly, besides all this it is an interesting place if you are into Ghost Towns.

Bodie Ghost Town CA

Bodie Ghost Town CA

Only 5-15 State Park Rangers live in town that was totally deserted since 1960 ,everything was left in place since then and it looks like in few years a lot of history will be lost, although the State is using the fees to restore some houses.

Bodie Ghost Town CA Bodie Ghost Town CABodie Ghost Town CA Bodie Ghost Town CA 

Inside the houses (not open to the public) it looks even worse,dust,small animals and weather are taking a toll on the place.

Bodie Ghost Town CA Bodie Ghost Town CA

The only place that was open to visitors was the Museum where we meet a nice lady ranger telling us that the State funds are not enough to keep this important place from falling apart…so go to see it now before it does.

Bodie Ghost Town CA

We wondered around for 3 hours without taking a guided tour to the Gold Mine as there were only heavy old machineries on display and we had enough of this laying around.

Bodie Ghost Town CA

I think that if houses were open and a ranger would talk about the life there,a bar should be open and so should the hotel,a video showing how life was then-it would bring more visitors….and make a difference.

It was hot,we got thirsty and had no where to sit,so we made our way back “home” to have lunch before hitting the hot pools we thought we deserved.

Paradise C.G Bridgeport CA

Grilled fish,salad,beans ,beer,a short rest  and we were like new again.

At around 5PM we headed to Travertine Natural Hot Pools (free) just 10 Miles from our C.G,this half of the day made a difference.

Travestine Hot Pools CATravestine Hot Pools CATravestine Hot Pools CATravestine Hot Pools CA

And then came the sunset….

Travestine Hot Pools CATravestine Hot Pools CATravestine Hot Pools CATravestine Hot Pools CA


Life is good you only have to grab what is given and not let it pass next to you.


Karen and Tony said...

Ohhh...just gorgeous!

Peter + Beatrix said...

Governments are good to impose fees and taxes, but when it comes to knowing how to run a business they fail miserably. Of course you are right about Bodie. More services (any services) would bring in more people and more money.