Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Bridgeport California

Map picture

After 3 days enjoying ourselves in Topaz Lake we continued our travels South along the scenic  Hwy 395 that runs along the East side of the Sierra Nevada and pulled into Paradise C.G on Bridgeport Reservoir just North of the small town by the same name.

CampingBridgeport CA-Paradise C.G

Bridgeprt CA-Paradise C.G

The water is low because of the drought and the gas prices are high , 4.39$ a gallon diesel VS 2.99 in Nevada it is crazy California ..but the scenery and the sunsets are great.

Bridgeprt CA-Paradise C.GBridgeprt CA-Paradise C.GBridgeprt CA-Paradise C.G

And the colors changed later to:

Bridgeprt CA-Paradise C.GBridgeprt CA-Paradise C.G

Bridgeprt CA-Paradise C.G

After every Sunset there is a Sunrise….

As an old Chinese once said “One Picture can tell a story more than a 1000 words”  --- So I will let the pictures “Talk”

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