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Our Rig

Sunday, August 30, 2015

June Lake CA loop & hike to Parker Lake

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The high Sierra Nevada is a Paradise for photographers,hikers,fisherman,nature lovers and all the rest that just want to get away from it all.

Mono Lake as our base gave us an excess to near by nature wonders as the June Lake loop that passes 3 lakes and is a trail head to some great hikes.

We started our day by hiking to an alpine lake called Parker Lake that is fed by a huge high waterfall .

June Lake Loop CA-Parker Lake Hike


June Lake Loop CA-Parker Lake Hike

The hike is  5 miles long ,moderate with some uphill climbing (they all are in the Sierras) and we had to cross some streams using logs that were on the water and enjoyed every minute.


The trail is not always marked well and we had to do some bush hike heading towards a general direction trying to meet the trail ahead,the good smell from the bushes stuck to our clothes and a fisherman we met on the way thought we just took a shower…

We took a break on the grass next to the lake ,took of the shoes and had a lite bite from the fruits we carried , the timer on the camera saved us some “selfees”

Parker lake CA

After the rewarding hike we continued driving the June Lake Loop and found Gull Lake to be the most beautiful one ,nice small marina with a renting place that also acts as a general store,fisherman with small boats trying to get a catch and all this in a fantastic surroundings.

Gull Lake CAGull Lake CA

Gull Lake CA

June Lake CAJune Lake CA

Some “work” to make a catch and some don’t…..

Gull Lake CA

Back at the camp ground in Mono Lake we had some nice handsome visitors

Lee Vening CALee Vining CA

We did not see any all along the hike in the nature ,now I know why, they are visiting the C.G where it is easier to grab some food…

It sure was another great day,already looking forward for tomorrows adventures.

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Jim and Sandie said...

I am going to have to catch up with you guys when I have internet again. You've been to so many wonderful places and I want to see all the pictures.