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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Donner Lake & Pass California

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Just West of the small beautiful historic town of Truckee on Hwy 80 lays one of the most beautiful lakes surrounded by high mountains – Lake Donner that can be seen the best from Donner Pass.

Donner Lake California

Donner Lake California

It looks like a post card but take my word – I took this picture today and found that it was very hard to get up from the rock and leave the place,it was just perfect,the light wind cooled the sun beams hitting our body ,the air was crispy and we just wanted to stay there for ever…at least Rod thought he will…

Donner Lake California

I like this lake more that the famous Tahoe Lake,Donner Lake has two things Lake Tahoe doesn't, it is accessible and not crowded .

Donner Lake CaliforniaDonner Lake California

The road leads to Donner Pass where it is possible to park and walk to the bridge or take a hiking trail leading to different mountain peaks that are all over the place.

Donner Pass CaliforniaDonner Lake California

Passing the Donner Pass further North next to the Ski Lifts lays Mary Lake , a small lake created by a dam, the lake had some Pelicans playing around and it was nice to see them surrounded by nature and beauty.

Lake Mary CALake Mary CA

The two hours drive “home” through these scenic roads are a trip by itself,it took place when the sun is low and the shades are large,the best time for driving with the sun behind and the colors are just fantastic,a short stop for soda ice cream to complete this outstanding another day.

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Peter + Beatrix said...

The fact that Lake Tahoe is surrounded by private properties and thus not accessible is very sad. Luckily, there are alternatives. Great area you are traveling through.