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Our Rig

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Austin Nevada

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The general plan from Elko was to drop to Eureka and explore the place for 2-3 days,but as we entered the town we found out that it could be see in an hour.

Eurika NV-Opera HouseEurika NV

The main street was deserted as it was under a curfew,so we walked the along and entered the old Opera House that holds town meetings and once in a while a show,the lady in the Opera House said that sadly  nothing changed in the last 20 years .

The deli down the road was still opened (2PM) so we grabbed a soup and a salad while having a chat with he owner, he offered us a RV site behind the restaurant with partial hook ups , no bathroom and Wi-Fi from the porch of his private house….we kindly refused and continued pulling the trailers to Austin for another 60M.

We parked our 5W in the Baptist Church RV park,full hook ups,clean bathrooms and great views.

Austin Nevada

Austin Nevada

As we entered the C.G we were meet by Brother John and Elizabeth (his Dog)that is a assistance priest in the Church, we found a very interesting and knowledgeable person with a long Air force history as a pilot in Vietnam.

Austin Nevada 

The small town of Austin was once a very vibrate place,it has a nostalgic atmosphere  ,nice buildings ,bars where you can meet people from all over and listen to a tune box .

Austin Nevada Austin NevadaAustin Nevada Austin Nevada

We were pointed to the town laundry place as there wasn't one in the C.G,and before hitting the local bar that was still open we headed to this exotic hut to get our clothes washed.

Austin Nevada-Laundry

The Owl Club place was closed ,the owners left for a vacation for a few days so we went to the International, we found the owner ,a very interesting type and 3 guest ,after 2 drinks we all felt like we know them for years…

At the evening we had a great sunset from the C.G and it was a very special feeling camping in the Church RV C.G facing the mountains with all the silence around except the Air Brakes of the trucks coming down the hill.

Austin NVAustin NV

In the next 2 days we used the trucks to tour the area, on the first day it was a Western Loop mostly on gravel and dirt roads but beautiful sceneries that can be seen only when using these ways.

Western Mountain Loop-Austin NV Western Mountain Loop-Austin NVWestern Mountain Loop-Austin NV Western Mountain Loop-Austin NV

Eastern Loop -Austin NV

On the second day we took the Eastern Loop that included a cave,Diana’s Punch Ball and Spencer Hot Springs.

Eastern Loop -Austin NV Eastern Loop -Austin NV

Cave with Petroglyphs.

Eastern Loop -Austin NV  Eastern Loop -Austin NV

Eastern Loop -Austin NV

Diana’s Punchbowl and the view from the top.

Now from here the events took an unexpected turn, we meet 3 guys wondering , looking for Natural Hot Springs and planed to use ropes to  get into the Bowl for the hot waters,the conversation was all around finding interesting hidden Natural Hot Springs ,after exchanging experiences from both sides they invited us to their private Hot Springs in the middle of Antelope Valley just 30 miles from where we are, “bring ice, beer and come over” they said, I have to add that between traffic lights in Nevada it sometimes 160 miles…so it took us “only” 100 Miles round-trip from where we where to the closest store to get Ice ,Beer and get to their place….it was already 7PM when we put our tired bodies in this heavenly Hot Pool surrounded by nothing but desert.


Eastern Loop -Austin NVEastern Loop -Austin NVEastern Loop -Austin NVEastern Loop -Austin NV

Some times the unexpected and the unplanned beats all the planning in the world….it was just great meeting theses nice people ,having a conversation as the sun went down while soaking in hot water.

We got “home” at 10PM to tired even to take a shower…..


Jim and Sandie said...

I knew there were so many places in Nevada that we haven't explored yet. I can hardly wait to spend more time there. Maybe next year.

John and Carol said...

Baptist Church RV Park with full hook-ups. That is a new one!