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Our Rig

Monday, August 10, 2015

Lake Tahoe

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Usually I walk the campground early in the morning with my morning coffee,it is very quite ,clear air and I enjoy this peaceful time before people get up and start their day.

This morning I was surprised by a herd of mustangs (wild horses) that roamed the campground eating the grass and drinking water from the bucket placed under the tab,they seemed to be familiar with this routine and were not alarmed by my presents.

Virginia City NV-C.GVirginia City NV-C.G

There was one stud and the rest were mares with 2 young horses,what a beautiful site it was,but only showing that they do not have enough to eat and drink out there.

After breakfast we all drove to Lake Tahoe and circled it completely making some stops along the way.

Lake TahoeLake Tahoe 

The place is a  natural gem ,with sun tanned people holding a dog or two and when meeting they introduce the dogs to each other or through tennis balls to the water for the dogs to bring back to shore only to through it again..it is a place where more boats are at docs than in the water and with many small sport cars than the place can take,it is also a place where just for parking a car at a view point to take a picture you have to pay 10$ and 45$-50$ for camping because it is a State Park, it is also a place where one gallon of diesel coasts 1$ MORE than in Nevada…but still a beautiful place,I have no complains ,no one pointed a gun to my head and forced me to go there….

Lake Tahoe Lake TahoeLake Tahoe          Lake TahoeLake Tahoe


Peter + Beatrix said...

It snowed when we were there in 1997!

Karen and Tony said...

Lake Tahoe is beautiful but the lack of access to the lake because everything is privately owned and off limits really destroys the beauty for us. I'm sure that you were feeling the same way after all of the time that you spent out in the gorgeous the wilderness of rural Nevada.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

You are 100% right ,Karen & Tony

Jim and Sandie said...

We were there when there was still snow on the ground but it was beautiful. Flathead Lake in Montana is like Tahoe in that all the land around the lake is privately owned with very few public access sites. Very sad.