Our Rig

Our Rig

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Reno Nevada

Map picture

A very beautiful windy road with sometimes steep grades down hill led us from Virginia City to Reno Nevada (I am happy I was doing it only with my truck leaving the 5W in the C.G in Virginia City).

The views along the road were just fantastic and we made an effort to stop and take some shots .

Reno NV

Most of the view points were on the left side of the road and it was not easy to get to the parking area with all the traffic on Sunday.

It is difficult to plan a long trip like ours (5 months) to hit every event along our path, we try but sometimes events happen before or after we left the place, so we take them as they come,Powwow,Car race,rodeo ,festival are always welcome,today it was an Old Car rally in down town Reno,after finding a parking place that was a task by itself we headed to the main street to see the cars going down the road.

Reno NVReno NVReno NV

This guy had a way to light fire at the back of his truck and look at his passenger, he does not look happy….

There is a new (for me) dress code in Reno , looks good and sure added to the colourful event.

Reno NV

It was a great event ,we saw more old cars than ever but  I was impressed with the work that the owners put into this toys and how proud they were showing it to the public,it only shows that if you do what you like than you are a happy person.

A jazz event was taking place in the city park in the Capitol Carson City ,the time and the events made us change our eventing plans and we got there on time to relax,have a beer and listen to great music,as I said we take it as it comes.

Jazz in Carson City ParkJazz in Carson City Park

Great end to a great day ,good food ,good drinks,good music with good friends,what else a person needs ?? another good day to follow.

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