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Friday, July 31, 2015

Humboldt N.F NV-Alpine lakes Hike


North Nevada has so much outdoors activities to offer,and after a fantastic hike to Lamoille Canyon and the waterfalls we decided to hike in the Humboldt N.F to 3 Alpine lakes.


To get to the trail head ,take the scenic drive just before Lamoille (the town) till the end ,park the car next to the roundabout and look for the sign to Lamoille Lake.

Humbolt N.F T/H lakesHumbolt N.F NV lakes hike-T/H

The T/H and parking area from a high point

The hike starts from 8600’ altitude and climbs to 9740’ along 2 miles to the beautiful Lamoille Lake,some stretches are steep but many switchbacks make it easier to climb.

Humbolt N.F NV lakes hikeHumbolt N.F NV lakes hike-Lamoille Lake

Humbolt N.F NV lakes hike-Lamoille Lake

Many old trees and pads of snow are seen as we climbed ,sometimes we forget that we are in Nevada…

Humbolt N.F NV lakes hike-Lamoille Lake Humbolt N.F NV lakes hike-Lamoille LakeHumbolt N.F NV lakes hike Humbolt N.F NV lakes hike

One mile after Lake Lomille at altitude of 10300’ we passed through Liberty Pass that was seen long before we reached it,now looking back on this it is fine but seeing the high climb towards the pass from far away was not exactly fun.

Humbolt N.F NV lakes hike-Liberty Pass

The Liberty Pass

From the pass it is only one mile down hill towards the most beautiful lake in the area- Liberty Lake at altitude of 10039’

Humbolt N.F NV lakes hike-Liberty LakeHumbolt N.F NV lakes hike-Liberty Lake

The smell of the flowers,the cool breeze and the vistas made us almost drunk..we sat there grabbed a snake and got dizzy from the views, Nevada??? woow.

Continuing another mile towards Favre Lake at altitude of 9500’  to complete our 5 mile one way hike that took old geezers like us almost 5 hours with all the stops was not too bad, the way back took only 2 hours…,Newton and his gravity …


On the way back the wind was still and many unusual reflections were seen in the lakes,sometimes so perfect that was hard to tell if it is a reflection or the real thing.

Humbolt N.F NV lakes hikeHumbolt N.F NV lakes hike

Humbolt N.F NV lakes hike

Nevada is not only Vegas,Reno or gambling ,it has old small miner villages,waterfalls,blooming flowers even in late July,lakes,huge mountains and nice people,it was not a surprise for me but I am sure that it a big surprise for some.

Humbolt N.F NV lakes hike

Excellent hike ,Nevada sure moved up the beauty State scale for us.

Till we meet again


Jim and Sandie said...

Those reflecting pictures are beautiful. Thank you.

paulakitt said...

Love it! Wish I was there.