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Our Rig

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Hobble Canyon & Diamond Fork UT

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The Utah Valley has so much to offer that it is hard to chose where to go in a such a short time,but today we headed out of Springville driving East towards Hobble Canyon passing through beautiful neighbourhoods and in 15 minutes we were in the Canyon,woow just 15 minutes out of town and we found ourselves surrounded by nature ,a creek running next to the Hwy ,campgrounds and day use areas are all over the place.

We stopped at one C.G and spoke with Jack the host ,he was all settled with his RV,Kerosene lamp,Dutch stove,generator,propane and anything else he needed camping there with no electricity .

Dry forest C.G Hoblebble Creek  UTDry C.G Hoblebble Creek UT Utah

Jack is a hunter and no one knows better the grounds than a hunter,we stopped to get some information on a hike and found ourselves sharing with Jack and his 13 year old daughter 3 interesting hours ,I just loved it,Jack was an opened minded and we did not feel how time slipped away.

After we “corrected” the universe we followed Jack’s advise and took a dirt road over the mountain ending on the other side on Diamond Fork.

The dirt road was very scenic and it was hard to keep an eye on the road,we meet very few on this path,some ridding ATV’s and some on horses,it is a a real paradise.

We found a place near the lake ,pulled our folding chairs and table and had our picnic in this peaceful quite spot.

Hoblebble Creek UT

As we drove the Diamond Fork we noticed a change in the color and the formation of the rocks,surely it was worth a stop, the place is called Red Edges ,it is used for rock climbing and is free to use.

Red Edges Diamond Fork UTRed Edges Diamond Fork UTRed Edges Diamond Fork UT

On the way back we stopped in Steeples and got ourselves a present – a Netgear Trek (36$) , a gadget that  increases the WiFi reception together and is keeping the connection private even if using a public unsecured source,and what a difference it is…

Have a great summer and remember “ A day the passes never comes back”

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Jim and Sandie said...

Like I've said before - you guys have never met a stranger. The rock formations are beautiful.