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Our Rig

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Mirror Lake Scenic Byway

Map picture

A few days ago we meet Jack a hunter that hunts in Wasatch National Forest and he told us that in this area there are hundreds of high altitude lakes and a beautiful waterfall.

“hundreds of lakes”??? I questioned , so we decided to take a look.

Mirror Lake Scenic By way

Teapot Lake UT-Map

We of course did visit 600 lakes but on Mile Post 27 We saw 3 beautiful lakes one next to another in a spitting distance from the parking .

Teaspot Lake

Teapot Lake UT

and while having our picnic Shula spotted a bird nest way up the tree,I have no idea what kind of birds they are but it sure was nice to take this shot.

Teapot Lake UT

Lost Lake

Well we found it….and it is not lost any more

Lost Lake UT Lost Lake UT

And Lily Lake

Lily Lake UT Lily Lake UT

So if you like to: fish,hike,ride 4X4,ride horses,swim,camp of hooks-go and visit this area.

The scenery is breathtaking along this 34 miles and if I only visit 3 lakes a day ,it will take me 200 Days to see them all…

Miror Lake Scenic Byway UTMiror Lake Scenic byway        Bold Mountain UT

At mile post 24 and very close to the parking area Provo River Falls can be found, it has 3 falls one after the other and the good thing is that it is easy to walk on the rocks and follow the falls/stream both directions, thay are not high but very impressive.

Provo River Falls UTP1120240

The water is cold but inviting, so bring your hiking sandals with you.

At the entrance to the Mirror Lake Scenic byway lays 2 beautiful towns Heber City and Midway,they both worth a visit at the beginning or at the end of the drive and to get some good ice-cream at the Gellato place on the main drag in Heber City.

Heber City also has a collection of buildings from the good old days and they look cool…

Old Town Heber City UTOld Town Heber City UTOld Town Heber City UTOld Town Heber City UTOld Town Heber City UT

If you meet Jack the hunter ,listen to his advice ,we did it and we love it.


Karen and Tony said...

You sure have been finding some beautiful places!

The birds are ospreys. We always get excited when we see ospreys because they are one of the raptors that was affected by the pesticide,DDT,which was used in the US until 1972. Ospreys weren't hit as hard as other raptors like hawks and eagles which were in danger of becoming extinct. Now we see them all over but just 10 years ago it was rare to see a hawk or eagle.

Peter + Beatrix said...

Fantastic tripLove those mountain lakes and the western-style towns.

Donna W. said...

great photos especially one of Shula on rocks by canyon....I see you are getting your fix of waterfalls :-)
last pic looks like an old movie set
seems as though you are having a great time.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Karen & Tony-Thank you for clearing the bird issue for us,I think it was a mother and a baby because only one flew from the nest.
Peter + Beatrix -The mountains are very high and are impressive .
Donna-Shula did not want to go back any more.....
Thank you all for your interest.