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Our Rig

Friday, July 3, 2015

Rocky Mountain N.P CO–Trail Ridge Road

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I do not know from where to start,it was a drive through a dream and I still do not want to wake up,I suppose I could put some pictures and let them tell the story …but I will try to fill up the blanks.

After 3 days of hiking this day was dedicated to a drive through Trail Ridge Road,one of the most beautiful roads in N.America,it has it all,colors,snow,flowers,lakes,waterfalls, animals and views that make you spin, and huge natural open space.


The traffic was quite heavy but most of the people respected the rules and others that stopped in the middle of the road just to take a picture,some of the parking stops where full and people had two choices ,to wait for an opening or drive on,in some places there was even a line to the loo…(toilets).

We managed with a little patients to find a parking spot almost everywhere we wanted to and take some outstanding shots.


As coming from a country smaller than the Michigan Lake –this is paradise and although we are RVing since 2002 in USA & Canada all “this” still amazes us and gives us a boost and meaning to continue to come year after year ,meet great people that become friends and discover the beautiful endless corners of this outstanding country.

Here are some shots to “prove” that we were here…click the pic to enlarge.

P1110969 P1110972P1110992 P1110999

I almost forgot to show our “secret” place for best picnic view ever,we almost could not swallow the food ,the eyes and the mouth did not coordinate with this kind of scenery.


We are happy to be in RMNP again after being here 10 years ago,hiked 3 days and one day a scenic drive but sure can be here many more days without repeating ourselves,so sionara for now because we will come for the 3rd time  or as Arnold Schwarzenegger said “I will be back” …..

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Karen and Tony said...

That's one of my favorite roads. Beautiful photos!