Our Rig

Our Rig

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Train Ride,Pow-Wow,Renaissance Village in Ely NV

The day was divided into three parts:

Old diesel train ride from Ely along the White Pine Creek ,with great views and a ghost town on the way.

20150722_091340Cave Lake S.P NV 

We passed tunnels and next to a Ghost Town

Cave Lake S.P NVCave Lake S.P NV

We wanted to have the old steamer pull the train ,but they use it only at the weekends and we could not make it then, it still was a great ride with this diesel pusher .

Cave Lake S.P NV

At noon the Shoshoni Indian Tribe in Ely were supposed to perform a dance at their Fandango (Gathering)  , we were there on time but learned immediately that “NOON” in Shoshoni language means between 12 and 1PM and every one takes it easy…at noon the drums were pulled from a van and some dancers were getting their outfit ready,but this is the pace and we went along with it.

Shushony GatheringShushony Gathering

It was a small gathering but nice to see how the tradition is passed from one generation to the next one.

In the evening the Renaissance Village in Ely opened the gates to the old houses left from the mining days,the held a silence auction,opened houses and artists exhibitions, there were two options to chose from :15$ per person where you get a wine glass at the entrance and can drink wine , beer and visit the the village or 25$ including a spaghetti dinner, we did not take the dinner as we had something to eat at the gathering.

Renesance Village-Ely NVRenesance Village-Ely NVRenesance Village-Ely NVRenesance Village-Ely NV

What a great way to end our 6 days in Ely NV.


Jim and Sandie said...

We rode that train when we were there. We didn't go to the village and there wasn't a Pow Wow when we were there. Our timing isn't really good.

Donna W. said...

of course Sam will be envious of the train ride :-) looks like you had a nice full day

שרה יחימוביץ said...

What a story! Great to read about your adventures. Sara & Zvika

John and Carol said...

There is certainly more going on in Ely than when we were there 13 years ago. Looks like fun.