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Our Rig

Friday, July 24, 2015

Lund & McGill NV

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In Lund a small town 30 Miles South of Ely was holding a cowboy gathering from many farms in the area,it is a chance to meet ,mingle and show their cowboy skills in roping,handling cattle and branding.

Cowboy GatheringCowboy Gathering

The gathering took place in beautiful open space at the edge of the town and it was very nice to see how cowboys and cowgirls actually work on their farms ,they all start from very young age to learn how to ride and do the difficult jobs of a rancher.

Cowboy GatheringCowboy Gathering

Cowboy Gathering

We have been to rodeos before where professional cowboys perform under a clock , they do it fast and it is all a show,here we say how the real cowboy and cowgirl perform ranch duties and it was very nice to watch.

McGill is a another small town that was built only because of the rights to operate the smelter to refine the copper ore mined in Ruth, it was a chance to step back in time to visit McGill drug store that is left exactly as when the last customer left in the early 1970’s.

As we came to the doorsteps of the drug store we saw a sign saying “closed” but then say this sign:

McGill NV-Museum

So we call up Dan and he says: “don’t move I am coming in 10” , and he gave us the VIP historical tour of the place combined with local stories and great sense of hummer, it was worth to come to Nevada if only for this meeting with Dan.

McGill NV with DanMcGill NVMcGill NV

Don’t miss this Museum if you suddenly find your self in McGill near Ely Nevada and say hello to Dan .


שרה יחימוביץ said...

Beautiful and very interesting. We are not going to ride on horses but I decided to buy a cowboy hat.

paulakitt said...

Love reading about your adventures. You both should be "honorary cowboys" by now! Happy trails!