Our Rig

Our Rig

Friday, July 10, 2015

From Steamboat CO to Springville UT

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Steamboat Lake S.P was a great place to camp for 4 nights ,it is close to many lakes and hikes,close to the town but remote enough if you like to be “out there…”

Although it is only 22 miles North of town the weather is totally different due to the altitude.

In the last day we experienced weather changes  few times from rain to sunny skies and visa versa,some times it happened at the same time creating this beautiful rainbow.

Steamboat Lake S.P COSteamboat Lake S.P CO

The showers (Fee) were close to the marina and I was so happy to have my camera with me ..

Marina at Steamboat Lake S.P

By the way Colorado S.P charge for camping 22$ plus 7$ days use for every day of camping and to top this up to take a shower it coasts 1$ for 4 minutes….some private C.G charge less with F.H.U and WiFi,go and figure.

In that evening we visited the country store house ,just 3 miles from the S.P ,they have it all:restaurant ,bar,RV spots (only for self sufficient),horse rides,4x4 rentals and it is a local meeting point.

Country Store N.Of Steanboat CO

So we got all dressed up and came down for a drink and goodbyes.

Yearly in the morning we started our journey to the Utah Valley with an over night in the Starved Lake S.P Utah (No day use fees,flat rate of 25$ with water+electric).

Starved Lake S.P UTStarved Lake S.P UT

The scenic route provided great vistas most of the way but a  as we drove we saw this mushroom storm that made me stop and view this incredible show of nature.

Storm from Steamboat CO to Duchesne UT 

Finally we made it to Springville ,just minutes from Provo UT and this will be our home for the next week.

Springville UT-KOA

I hope we will have good weather to be able to see and hike in this outstanding Utah Valley.

We booked a week in KOA Springville(Pay for 5 nights stay 7…) ,site 604 ,come to visit.

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Jim and Sandie said...

Rainbows are an amazing wonder of nature. It's really sad how much they charge now for State Parks. I know the states are broke but it's still sad.