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Our Rig

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Goodbye Utah Hello Nevada

Few years ago we have spent 2 months in Utah ,hiking most of the National Parks and hardly missing and “Arch” ,so this year we concentrated on beautiful Utah Valley that we missed then.

Yesterday we made a 200 Mile trip from Springville UT to Baker Nevada ,as we drove this deserted scenic road the scenery has changed from lashing green to desert colors and high mountains that have their own appeal, there were stretches of 80 Miles with no service what so ever and it is good to be prepared.

On the road from Provo UT to Baker NV

Early afternoon we arrived to Boarder Inn Baker NV just 8 Miles from the entrance to Great Basin N.P that was our next place to visit.

The Inn includes a gas station,casino,cabins,restaurant and a C.G, that night sitting out side with the desert breeze we experienced a very nice sunset that only added to the complete silence in the area, only a passing car disturbed for a short while this quiet place.

Baker NVBaker NVBaker NVThe next morning we headed to Great Basin N.P , first we saw a video in the information center that showed the  wild life and the vegetation as it changes in the different seasons, then after consulting with Ranger we decided to hike 3 Miles the Bristlecone Trail,starting from the elevation of 9800’ gaining 1200’,hikers should take this altitude into consideration before heading out.

I learned that this trail leads to Trees that live 5000 years and after they die they still stand another 3000 years before hitting the ground,hard to believe that some of the trees were born in Abraham’s time…

Great Basin N.P NV

The trail is very moderate but we were warned to stay on the path as there are snakes under the rocks and will stay there if we do not disturb them.

Great Basin N.P NV

As we entered the area with this ancient trees we felt like in a fairy tail scene,they were so tall ,impressive and colourful,it was very difficult to put the camera down, so here is a small taste of some of them.

Great Basin N.P NVGreat Basin N.P NVGreat Basin N.P NVGreat Basin N.P NVGreat Basin N.P NVGreat Basin N.P NVGreat Basin N.P NVP1120321P1120322Great Basin N.P NV Great Basin N.P NV    Great Basin N.P NV 

They have beautiful cones with red small flowers ,at a certain time they pop and the seeds “fly” away hopefully starting a new generation.

Great Basin N.P NVGreat Basin N.P NVGreat Basin N.P NV

The age of the trees are measured by the growth rings .

Great Basin N.P NV

In 5000 years from now this “baby” will be like his insisters shown above.

Great Basin N.P NV

After traveling for so many years it is hard to experience some thing “new”,we have seen many waterfalls,sunsets,high mountains,caves,storms,branding cattle,rodeos,different animals BUT today we saw something for the first time – a 5000 year old trees-wow….or some young ones “only” 3000 years old.

Great Basin N.P NV

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Peter + Beatrix said...

One of your most interesting postings ever. Bristlecones are also carrot-shaped. They develop a wide base but as they grow their diameter is taking off to end in a rather thin top. One can also see the struggle with the elements as their trunks are twisted and curved. We have a coastal variety here at the Bay of Fundy, where even young trees are growing all their branches into the lee side. (away from the main wind direction)