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Our Rig

Thursday, July 2, 2015

Horsetooth Reservoir CO

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After 3 hiking days and a very wet last one we could not  use our hiking shoes so  decided to take a day for laundry,shopping(we got low on groceries),drying the hiking gear and do some sightseeing , in short LSDS….

The laundry was done at 9AM while the shoes and the hiking bags were in the sun, at around 11 AM we took of to the Horsetooth Reservoir.


Six and one-half miles of water beckon visitors to come out and play! Surrounded by 1,900 acres of public lands, this reservoir has it all: fishing, boating, camping, picnicking, swimming, scuba diving, rock climbing, and water skiing.

It was a great surprise to see this place just 20 minutes from our C.G,it is surrounded by beautiful wooden houses or rather mansions,the C.G have nice sites along the water and some with full hook ups,many have their boats in the water and it all looks jus fantastic.


We took a drive around the reservoir and stopped at the view points to take some shots .


Do people that live here actually see the beauty as we see it or they are used to it??

We had our traditional picnic near the waters and enjoy peace and quite all around us ,the calm water created beautiful reflections of the trees that only added to the relax atmosphere.


On the way back we stopped in Safeway to get the groceries we need and headed “home” hoping the shoes and the backpacking gear is already dry by now.

I spotted this strange bike/vehicle near the Safeway and told the owner that it would be complete if he would stand next to it –and here is the shot…isn’t it something???


There are so many extraordinary places around here , I cant see them all but I am sure making an effort.

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Jim and Sandie said...

It is exciting to see a reservoir with lots of water in it. So many of them around here are so low.