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Our Rig

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Stampede in Greely CO & Fireworks in Loveland CO

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Greely a town just 30 Miles East of our C.G held a Stampede for a week and on the 4th of July the finals were on ,this was a great opportunity for us  to see the best of the best within a short drive.

First we got the tickets for the 1PM Stampede and mean time wondered around listening to free concert on the main stage and looking at people stuffing themselves with turkey legs,curved onions,ribs,pizza and other “healthy foods”.



The stampede was very nice but after seeing one or two stampedes it all seemed the same to us,without taking away the achievements of the contesters, we enjoyed the atmosphere and some great rides.


After 2 hours of sitting in the arena without back support we grabbed a vegetarian Mexican dish ,something like a regular dish but without the meat and watched a short parade in the park.


The music in the main stage seemed all the same to us and we decided to drive to the Loveland Lake to watch the fire works,it will be a closer to home and will be rather nice next to the lake.

The place around the lake was packed ,people actually left from the morning a blanket ,a chair or a sign that this place is taken…but we managed to park the truck next to a driveway with a sign “15 $ parking” and disappointed the two kids that were ready to collect the $.

A place for 2 folding chairs that we always carry in the truck on the grass next to bank of the lake was no problem to find,so why people “reserve a spot” starting in the morning is still a mystery for me.


The fireworks starting exactly as planed on 9:17PM and were shot from the opposite river bank,it lasted almost 1/2 and hour and were very nice,I never could somehow catch a good picture of the fireworks but I got a good one of the sunset.

P1120046 P1120049P1120057 P1120060

When we arrived to the C.G at around 10 PM it sounded like a graveyard ….no one here celebrates the 4th of July????

That concludes  our the non residents adventures of the USA Independent day, we enjoyed it very much.


Jim and Sandie said...

I used to love going to rodeos. Watching the skills it takes to rope, wrestle and ride those animals is amazing. But our backs no longer let us sit for very long on benches so we don't go very often. Personally I'd rather see a beautiful sunset then a bunch of noisy fireworks. I'm glad it was really quiet here. The girls really suffer from all the noise of fireworks. We had a great potluck which was fun.

Peter + Beatrix said...

It was in the year of 1996 that I drove up the Old Fall Road with a 1972 Dodge Polara. At high altitude the car stalled, probably because the thin air up there. A guy from Greeley came by with a spanking new Chevrolet Pickup. He pulled my big old Dodge up the rest of the way to the very top of the summit. Up there I re-tried the starter, but the car wouldn't come back to life. So, I called a tow truck and it brought the car back to Estes Park where it was put in a garage. It started right up again!!!