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Our Rig

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Ward Charcoal Ovens S.P & Cave Lake S.P NV

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Ely is a very nice small “cowboy” town,with many Casinos,small bars and nice old main street,we found it a center of activities in and around the town.

RV Park at the Casono -Ely NV

Today we took od to two beautiful State Parks:

Ward Charcoal Ovens S.P

Ward Charcoal Ovens S.P NV Ward Charcoal Ovens S.P NV

The Ward Charcoal Ovens served divers purposes after their function as charcoal ovens ended.They sheltered stockman and prospectors during foul weather and had a reputation as a hideout for stagecoach bandits, today the ovens continue to represent a unique and fascinating chapter in Nevada mining history.

There are few hikes in the park and a C.G with no hook-ups, it is a perfect place for ones that like to be in the wilderness but still close to town.

Ward Charcoal Ovens S.P NV Ward Charcoal Ovens S.P NV

As we drove the gravel road we saw a sign leading to a trading post ,it looked like a big yard  & building full of old stuff ,so we had a cold one ,talked with the owners and looked around,I guess some stuff is worth to some one…

Trading Post Ely NVTrading Post Ely NVTrading Post Ely NV

The next stop of the day was the beautiful Cave Lake S.P,with a C.G,good fishing and many hiking trails.

Cave Lake S.P NVCave Lake S.P NV

It is also a paradise for 4X4 wheelers that can get lost in the right direction….a picnic with this kind of view is always nice.

P1120379Cave Lake S.P NVCave Lake S.P NVCave Lake S.P NV 

So Nevada is not only desert as one told me “and it is going to be HOT” he said , well till now we had great weather and it rained only in the late afternoons after we were done touring and hiking.

A weather man is the only occupation that can be wrong all the time and still keep his job.

The great thing about camping in the casino C.G here was the permission to use the facilities that included also the swimming pool and the Jacuzzi…and it was nice to soak in the hot water at the end of the day-difficult life indeed….

Ely C.G

RV Park at the Casono -Ely NV