Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, July 27, 2015

Wells NV & Angles Lake

Map picture

Hwy 93 from Ely to Wells is really a nice ride,it took us two and a half hours to cover 120Miles stopping at the historic Pony Express Station.

 Ely NV to Wells NV

I wanted to take the job that would cover some of my C.G expenses….

Ely NV to Wells NV

But learning about the hours and conditions ,I gave up this idea.

Ely NV to Wells NV

We felt so small parking next to the huge trucks.

Wells is a small town and has very little to offer,the main street is almost deserted and looked like a ghost town,bars are closed but some restaurants are operating, the only reason for our 2 night stop is to visit  Ruby Mountain in the Humboldt N.F .

The Crossroads C.G has full hook ups ,clean restrooms and reasonable WiFi connection,the sites are tight but it served our purpose.

Angel Lake NV

The Humboldt N.F is a huge rough area ,many strenuous hiking trails can be found there with outstanding scenic drive and dry camp grounds .

Humboldt N.F-Ruby Mountain NVHumboldt N.F-Ruby Mountain NV,Chimney Rock

At the end of Hwy 231 at the altitude of 8500’ there is a C.G and Angle Lake a very popular place because the fishing is good and the parking place is a only few steps away.

Angel Lake NVAngel Lake NVAngel Lake NVAngel Lake NV

At this time there were still spots of snow at the peaks,although it is a dead end road there are very rough hikes beyond the lake witch at the this time we did not do.

It is a real gem and excisable for those who have a problem walking.

Our next stop is Elko NV from where we will explore Ruby Mountain Scenic Area next to Lamoille-lets hope for a good weather…


Ruth said...

We will have to remember this area, it looks exactly like the type of place that we like to go and camp at and hike. Your pictures of the area are gorgeous!

Karen and Tony said...

Thanks Danny. I've marked the campground on my map so that we can stop there on our next visit to northern Nevada. :-)