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Our Rig

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Bald Eagles in Sekiu WA

We found a great small C.G in Clallam Bay WA with full hookups,WiFi,clean bathrooms and very close to the beach, it sure beats all the C.G in Sekui where the RV's are almost touching each other.

The price was reasonable and only 25 Miles from the NW point of USA- Cape Flattery.

I have never seen a small town like Sekui with so many RV's, they all come for the fishing season and use every inch of the town, some with hookups and some use dry camping.


Everyone and everything is about fish, we strolled along the main drag to the marina and met the person that is processing the fish as the fisherman bring.


We had a great chat and made plans to meet again on the next day for a beer, as we are talking he says " there must be a bald eagle around because the seagulls are all in the air and cannot be caught " so we look around and found two bald eagles waiting for chance ...


Accordingly to the locals the town awakes at 4AM when the fisherman go to the sea and goes to sleep after 10 PM , so we plan to come over tomorrow evening to check it out.

Vancouver Island (Canada) can be seen from any place in town but no ferries cross from Sekiu only from Port Angeles 70 miles East from here.


On the way home got some smoked Salmon that coast 3 times more than fresh fish…

Will have dinner and watch the sunset ending this another fantastic day.

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