Our Rig

Our Rig

Friday, August 4, 2017

Sol Duc Hot Springs & Falls WA

Olympic National Park has many entrances ,we made a point to circle the whole park from South West clockwise and use the entrance closest to our C.G.

But first I have to share this sunset from yesterday night at Clallam Bay and as my grandughter says “Oh my gooshness”….


And by the way if you have an immediate erg for a book, you can get it here in Clallam Bay near the Coop Store.


We enterd the Olympic Park  from North West towards Sol Duc Hot Springs Resort and Falls.

Close to the entrance we stopped next to the Salmon Cascade exhibit to see where the Salmons come jumping up stream in early Autumn.


Then drove till the end of this road to the Sol Duc Falls, it was tough finding a parking spot and ended parking on the side of the main road with few other cars.

It is an easy .75 mile hike one way ,mostly in the shade and with very small elevation gain.

We hiked with hiking sandals that made it easier to cross the river and walk on the shallow water banks.


The falls were not in full swing but still the hike and the falls are very impressive .

The hike continues along the river for 4-5 miles to Deer Lake but we went another mile or so and turned around.



After a short picnic in the shade we entered the Sol Duc Hot Springs for a soak, there are 4 pools : A big one with regular cold water and 3 smaller ones ,each with a different temperature and depth, bathing suites is a must and it coast $15 for an adult and $10 senior and child.

You can use a locker ,towel that will be added to the bill.

The surroundings are great and it was nice to soak after a hike, recommended.


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