Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Port Angeles & Port Townsend WA

We settled down in Port Angeles for a few days to explore the area but first visited the city and the Victorian town of Port Townsend.

It was also a time for oil change and this was a good place and time to do it, after a few calls I found a garage that was ready to take me in the next day and use Ford original filters.

At the same day we had two beautiful on 4 legs visitors that did not mind us getting closer to take a picture.


Port Angeles is close to the Ocean and has a ferry line from the Port to Vancouver Island , the down town has many shops restaurants and beautiful murals.


The sceneries from the uptown is breathtaking especially during the sunsets.


Just an hour driving East the most special Victorian town of Townsend, a vibrant downtown ,beaches, coffee shops combined with large beautiful houses make this place a great place to spend a day in good weather and watch the ferries to Victoria go by.


Ice-cream soda is one of my favorites and not found very frequently so we were happy to have a cool glass of this tasty stuff.


Spending time in a city was a change from our last outdoors days,it was good but in the next  days we are going back again hiking and exploring waterfalls in the area.

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Jim and Sandie said...

Definitely a change of pace from the hiking and waterfalls. But you guys are so good at finding beauty no matter where you are. Glad to see you are surviving the heat.