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Our Rig

Thursday, August 10, 2017

Hurricane Ridge Olympic N.P WA

After a day in the cities we are back to our normal activities ,the outdoors, there is so much to see in such a short time so we try to squeeze inn as much as possible.

Hurricane Ridge is can be reached entering the Olympic National Park from a North entrance close to Port Angeles, it is 20 mile ride till the end of the road where most trail start, but all the way is on a road with outstanding vistas like mountains and snow peaks.

Unfortunately the fires in British Columbia and others partly blocked clear and bright panorama , but there was nothing we could do and delaying the visit for few day would not help, so looking at the picture imagine how it would be without the smoky fogy layers.

The hikes are mostly easy to moderate , the Hurricane Hill Trail we hiked started at elevation 5242 and climbed after 1.6 miles near Hurricane Hill at 5757 elevation, it is mostly in an open range and can be considered a family hike.

We continued beyond the Hill for another 5 minutes and were surprised to see a patch of snow still hanging on.


The other hike was all together 2 Miles combining few short trails through meadows and forest, called the Big Medlow Loop starting at the Visitor Center.


We were surprised to see people hiking on this 3.2 Mile hike mostly in the sun with a plastic water bottle in the hand or some without any water at all, or hiking without proper shoes , it so easy to get proper gear for hikes and teach kids to follow, but this is THIER problem , what was more amazing is to see hikers make their own paths or pick wild flowers ...I wish there would be rangers on the trails to keep hikers in line.

We were ready for our traditional afternoon picnic and chose a table in the picnic area facing the view and this time we had a huge surprise - a non invited guest seemed to be attracted to Shula's cooking.


The deer did not get food from us but it seems that it was not afraid so hang close to us at all.

We ended the day at a free outdoor concert at the Port Area in Port Angeles it said “Blues” but we got “Rock Music” instead.

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Karen and Tony said...

Your photos look pretty good. We've been up there when the view was obscured by fog and we couldn't see a thing!