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Our Rig

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Cape Flattery & Shi Shi Beach WA

Today we hikes both hikes one on Cape Flattery Trail and the second to Shi Shi beach.

Cape Flattery is the North West point of the US in the Makah Tribe territory and requires a $10 permit to park on their land, the permit can be issued at the Tribes Museum which is worth a visit.

This easy hike is 2 miles round trip to glorious vistas and can be hiked with hiking sandals or hiking shoes.

It is mostly shady and uphill from the parking lot to the end of the hike.


Shi Shi Beach hike is 3 miles round trip ,the trail is along the ridge and flat all the way except the last portion that takes you down to the beach, this short section from the top of the ridge to the beach is very steep and has a rope to help hikers to get down and up without slipping.

In the summer the sand is very hot and the rocks are coved with sea shells so it is advised to hike with tennis shoes or hiking sandals.

We arrived in low tide and could explore the tide pools that are full with beautiful underwater living creatures, it sure was worth the effort.


The beach is a part of the Olympic N.P and dogs are not allowed on the beach , we did see people walking their dogs there but it is better to know and do the necessary preparations.

The beach is also known as a bonnie camping place (there is one pit toilet in the bush) and this is the lost and found board we found on the way out.


we stopped for a picnic on the way to Nea Bay where we bought some great smoked Salmon ($14 a pound) from a small place owned by a tribe member, the place looked very authentic except the TV with a football game on the screen.


We ate the smoked Salmon on the same evening and it was gooood…..


paulakitt said...

Wow! I've never seen photos before of this part of Washington. Nor heard anybody talk about traveling or visiting there. But it looks like a natural treasure. Wish I had been with you on the hikes. - paula

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Hi Paula, That is the reason for us to come over and iut to you....
We might be passing next to you place in 2018.