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Our Rig

Saturday, August 2, 2014

Boati Gras–Fairfield Bay AR

While visiting yesterday the marina in Fairfield we found out that there is a Boati Gras event going on the next day,boats would be decorated and sailed around the marina with music ,prices would be given and it will be fun.

So surely we headed down to the marina ,not to miss this special(to us) event, the weather was great ,the sky was blue and the waters were quite, it all looked perfect for the Boati Gras.

Boati Gras-Fairfielday AR

First came in the “King” of last year followed by an band and crowed welcomed and greeted him as were taught by the ceremonial manager.

Boati Gras-Fairfielday AR  Boati Gras-Fairfielday AR

After a short speech the boat owners went to their boats while other visitors grabbed a chair to watch  the Boat Parade called Boati Grass here the second year in a row.

Boati Gras-Fairfielday AR Boati Gras-Fairfielday AR  Boati Gras-Fairfielday AR Boati Gras-Fairfielday AR Boati Gras-Fairfielday AR

Boati Gras-Fairfielday AR

It was very nice to see every one having fun , no special reason is needed,just simple fun for the sake of fun,we loved it and it showed,

Boati Gras-Fairfielday AR

We sang,danced , eat “junk” food and got adjusted to the overall atmosphere.


Jim and Sandie said...

Having fun for no special occasion is the best way to enjoy. Love seeing the boats all decorated.

paulakitt said...

You both make a perfect "picture" of fun and good times.

Lil sista said...

So glad you were able to join us for the 2nd Annual Boati Gras here in Fairfield Bay. We had a blast and hope everyone else did, too. Safe journey. Enjoy your adventures.

Lil sista said...

Check us out on Facebook at Boati Gras. I think there are pictures of you there in the crowd shots.