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Our Rig

Friday, August 1, 2014

Sugar Loaf Mountain AR

Map picture

Fairfield Bay Marina AR

To be able to hike the total of 4M RT hike to the top of the Sugar Loaf Mountain located on an Island we booked seats on a ferry from Fairfield Bay Marina , while waiting for the boat in the Marina we saw an unusual show .

Fairfield Bay Marina AR  Fairfield Bay Marina AR

Special shoes are connected to the outlet of a boat that gives the uplift power , the manoeuvres  are done by putting pressure on the shoes upwards or/or sideways, it sure puts a new perspective on water sports.

The boat took us to the Island and would come back in 2 hours to bring us back to the mainland.

Fairfield Bay Marina AR Sugar Loaf Mountain AR

There are two different hike on this deserted Island :

One –The Terrace trail 1.6RT , it surrounds the Mountain but because it is in the woods the views are limited.

Two-Mule Trail that goes to the Sugar Loaf Mountain Summit 1000 Elevation , and the views from there are extraordinary.

The Mule trail is to the top of the Mountain is difficult and straight up hill with many uneven steps.

Sugar Loaf Mountain AR

Not only it is a strenuous hike but we had to be back to catch the ferry in 2 hours what made it even more “strenuous”.

Getting to the top of the mountain was a challenge but the views from there were perfect and hard to describe with words, so here are some pictures that will tell the “story” better than my limited English.

Sugar Loaf Mountain AR  Sugar Loaf Mountain ARSugar Loaf Mountain AR  Sugar Loaf Mountain AR 

We took the time to sit down and enjoy the beauty surrounded us.

The way back was much easier (I wonder why???) and we made it as the boat was doing its final manoeuvres to the dock while this small racoon was waiting for a treat.

Sugar Loaf Mountain AR

Great views,great hike,no mosquitoes and a perfect weather-what a day….

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