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Our Rig

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Turner Falls Park OK

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A few miles South of Davis at the West end of the Arbuckle Mountains ,a fantastic photo opportunity and family play spot awaits at Turner Falls Park .With a waterfall cascading gently  down 77 feet of board rock face into a shallow pool and plenty of great places to swim,camp,hike or picnic.

Turner Falls OKTurner Falls OK We have found a c.g just 3 Miles out of the park and after visiting the C.G in the park we realized we made the right decision….

The fee to enter Turner Falls  Park is  12$ per person for a day use and 6$ for senior citizens, I did not check the camping rates.

We explored the park that has out standing natural beauty but for my taste is spoiled by making it too commercialized and was filled (on our visit) with too many people that did not care what they left behind….

Turner Falls OK    Turner Falls OKTurner Falls OK    Turner Falls OK

We tried to separate the nature from the plastic bags,empty cans and other things that usually belong to the garbage bin but it was too much and after a short while we left even before having our traditional picnic in the nature, sorry we will NOT be back.

Coming back to the C.G we found out that we have an electrical problem,still not sure what cased the trailer batteries to drain and not recharge ,but it is Sunday today ….doesn't it all happen on week ends /holydays?????


John and Carol said...

Sure hope you get the electrical problem solved--quickly and without too much hassle or expense.

Donna W. said...

isnt it terrible when people dont/wont pick up after themselves.
at least you go to to see a waterfall

Karen and Tony said...

The waterfall is really cool! We can't understand how people can go to a place that beautiful and throw trash on the ground. It seems like they don't ever notice where they are.