Our Rig

Our Rig

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Ouachita Lake AR-C.O.E C.G

We chose a great spot on Oauchita Lake that is just 10 miles from Hot Springs.

Map picture

Oachita Lake AR

It is an old C.G and has only electric hook ups at the site,but the sites are large,levelled and spacious, there is a marina and a sandy beach.

Because of the landscape many sites are close to the water with a great view.

After settling down we were ready for a walk but suddenly the wind picked up and it became very stormy and dark, the electricity fell and it looked really bad… was pulled the TV antenna down and hopped for the best-that came earlier than we expected.

The combination of the rain and the rain brought some outstanding natural phenomena such as rainbows and beautiful colors of the waters and the sky.

Some times the rainbow reflection can be see in the lake,we just stood there and enjoyed the scenery as it changed in front of us as a motion movie.

Oachita Lake AROachita Lake AROachita Lake AROachita Lake AROachita Lake AR

We could not our eyes from this side of the C.G and almost missed an amazing sunset on the other side.

Oachita Lake AR          Oachita Lake AROachita Lake AR          Oachita Lake AROachita Lake AR    

During a few hours we experienced,blue skies,strong winds,pouring rain,rainbows,sunsets –what a great nature and we were a part of it..


Sam&Donna Weibel said...

So good to see you guys are having fun and in such a pretty area, I wish Donna & I could be with you.

Jim and Sandie said...

The pictures of the rainbows and reflections are awesome. We don't usually get to enjoy storms because our girls are falling apart and we spend our time shut up in the rig trying to calm them down.