Our Rig

Our Rig

Sunday, August 10, 2014

Mount Magazine AR

It is amazing how our lives depend on the weather, we woke up around 7AM with the sun shining and with blue skies,on the way to the bathhouse the deer were all over the park

Lake Dardanelle AR Lake Dardanelle AR

A Burch was approaching the locks

Lake Dardanelle AR

And we were ready to roll towards the highest peak in the area –The Magazine Mountain,it was 3rd and last peak to visit and hike.

On the way it suddenly became dark and buckets of water started to pour down,,,,turn around??? no way ,,,,we run from the car parking lot into the visitor center dripping water all the way to the rangers counter,”not the best day to visit Mt. Magazine” she said but looking at the satellite weather map on her computer ,she says” May be you will be able to hike on the mountain today, you see here is the rain now , but it is moving away”, I looked at here with a non believe look and asked “what can we do in the mean time till it is over?”she suggested to see the video and have some coffee in the Lodge.

The video was very nice showing all the 4 seasons on the mountain,in the lodge we connected to WiFi and checked our mail,looking at the huge windows from the Lodge towards the valley, the lake and beyond all we could see is fog,but in a matter of half an hour the clouds lifted and that is what we say.

Mount Magazine AR Mount Magazine ARMount Magazine AR

We went out and smelled the fresh humid air,and decided to take a hike before it gets black again.

The views from the top of this mountain are hard to describe ,everywhere we looked it was to a vast nature of lake,river,mountains and a huge valley in between.

P1090985Mount Magazine AR

These trees were seen on the video and it took us a short hike down to be able to make this magnificent shot.

After a quick picnic we took a 2 mile hike R/T to see some bluffs and view points.

Mount Magazine AR Mount Magazine AR

Mount Magazine AR Mount Magazine AR

I do not know the name of this beautiful butterfly but it sure is unique.

Mount Magazine AR

On the way back to the C.G we stopped and visited the Abbey in Subiaco,an unusual structure used as a boarding school for boys and accommodates 8-10 monks.

Subiaco Abbey AR  Subiaco Abbey AR

We were given a free tour around the premises that were huge to serve “only” few monks and 165 students….

Looking back on the events of this day it hard to believe that it all took place TODAY, WOW.

In the last 4 days here we covered a lot of grounds and will be moving West tommorow towards Fort Smith area.


John and Carol said...

I can't identify the butterfly, but I am impressed with your photo. They are often difficult to catch sitting still long enough to take the picture.

Danny &Shula Oren said...

Thanks for your comment John and Carol, I was just lucky with the butterfly ,it was more thirsty than frightened ,I guess.