Our Rig

Our Rig

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Night Life in Little Rock AR

The River Market District in the night is totally different from the one in the day time.

As dusk comes over the district ,lights turn on in the many coffee shops,bars and restaurants ,music can be heard from different corners while people walking and looking to find a place to eat,listen to music or see a show in the park.

We too wanted to end our great visit to this unique town by celebrating in a local bar with live music.

Little Rock AR  Little Rock ARLittle Rock ARmu

We have located a Bar with a sign  promising live music and 1$ for a drink…can’t beat that.

As they have no food at all in the bar they suggested that we bring a “take away” from the place next by,it was a little odd for us, but if you are in Rome act as Roman,so I went out and ordered hot wings while Shula got us some drinks,and we spent a great evening listening to two piano players.

People would put a note with request for a song and a dollar note or two attached and the guys would sing it together with the crowd,it was interesting,nice and load…

Without knowing we were a target to an artist who made a sketch of us,he came over to show it to us and was ready to be separated from this piece of art for 10$, so here it is…..

Little Rock AR

The bridge connecting Little Rock to North Little rock was on “fire” and very impressive.

Little Rock AR

The pictures were taken from my cell phone and therefore are not as the regular quality.

Tomorrow we will exchange the “city” camping to a “lake” camping and again enjoy the nature as we like.

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Donna W. said...

sounds like you had a good time. the sketch is bad of you Danny but Shula is much prettier than that.seems that you are really enjoying our midwest. born and bred midwesterner I think it is a great place especially for nature lovers and most people are very friendly