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Our Rig

Sunday, August 3, 2014

Greers Ferry Lake AR

On the last day in Shirley we took a day trip around the beautiful Greers Ferry Lake ,the lake is blessed with many accesses from the Hwy for boat lunching,parks,campgrounds and small villages.

Greers Ferry Lake AR   Greers Ferry Lake AR

The lake was created by the dam on the Little Red River and is a main attraction for fisherman and watersport fans.

Heber Springs AR

As water falls lovers we could not resist driving and hiking up to Bridal Veil Falls just out of the beautiful small town of Heber Springs, due to small quantity of rain we did not expect much and therefore were not disappointed from the weak flow in the falls but could only imagine how it looks after a strong rain.

Heber Springs AR  Heber Springs AR 

The Springs in Heber Springs are located in the Spring Park,but we actually stood next to them without noticing that we at the spring…they are tucked under a small shack and are very unattractive, so without spending seeing all the springs in the park we drove to Collins Creek near the Dam to see this wonderful small waterfall full of running water,it was unexpected and therefore even more enjoyable.

Heber Springs AR

Heber Springs AR  Heber Springs AR

We walked in the cold water down the Creek for a while before returning back to the TH and to the parking area.

It seems that to see waterfalls in Arkansas we must come in the Spring.


Claire Kennedy said...

I learned to ski on this lake when I was 55 y/o - or rather "re-learned"....I hadn't skied since I was 14! The lake is great - smooth as glass!!!

Jim and Sandie said...

Rushing water - nothing like it.