Our Rig

Our Rig

Monday, August 4, 2014

Little Rock AR

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The 80 Miles drive from Shirly to North Little Rock went without any special events,we enjoyed the ride as all the Hwy’s in West Arkansas are scenic.

The Down Town C.G in North Little Rock looks more like a parking lot with hook up’s than a RV C.G,but it is located along the Arkansas River and in a walking distance from Down Town.

The C.G has full hook up’s,WiFi ,all the sites are levelled but close to each other, spotless bathrooms, P.A membership excepted for 3 nights per month (11$ per night).

We wanted to see what Little Rock has to offer ,so it fit us perfectly.

                         Little Rock AR  Little Rock AR

We dropped the 5W and took a short drive to Down Town , the Main street is full of restaurant's,small shops and bars.

We were lucky to stumble upon a Brewery with many different makes and had a cool one to cool off.

Little Rock AR

Then after a couple of hours we saw a small (from out side ) “Fish Fly” restaurant  the place was packed with  people suggesting that the food is good.

It was HUGE inside ,very special atmosphere  great and affordable fish food ,a MUST go if you are in the area.

Little Rock ARLittle Rock AR           Little Rock AR

Now we are geady for a home made margarita.

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Jim and Sandie said...

The Billy Bass adoption center cracked me up. We've seen several of them for sale at the garage sales we've been to this summer and I told Jim there is no way I'm letting anything like that in our house.