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Our Rig

Saturday, August 9, 2014

Mount Nebo AR

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Rising 1,350 feet above the mountain valley of West Central Arkansas majestic Mt. Nebo favours visitors with a spectacular view of 34,000 acre Lake Dardanelle the Arkansas River and the surrounding mountain ridges.

Mount Nebo S.P ARMount Nebo S.P AR     Mount Nebo S.P ARMount Nebo S.P AR

The approach to the summit of Mt. Nebo is as breath-taking as the park itself,the road zigzags up the eastern side of the mountain and from base to top there are series of tight hairpin turns, I sure would not pull a trailer up there although I have seen one on the top.

The park’s 14 miles of hiking trails were originally made by early residents of the mountain in the 1890’s , when Mt.Nebo was a thriving summer resort.

This is our 2nd peak out of three ,after visiting yesterday Pettit Jean Mt .

We have hike few of the trails including one that led to a small waterfalls and another to an old bridge  .

Mount Nebo S.P AR  Mount Nebo S.P ARMount Nebo S.P AR  Mount Nebo S.P AR

There is one hike to “lovers leap” ,name that can be found in some other parks through out the US,but still very thrilling.

Mount Nebo S.P AR

While exploring the park we encountered a bird called Road Runner that can be see in some cartoons ,it is the first time that I had such a luck to get close and take some shots,somehow this Road Runner seemed posing for me…

Mount Nebo S.P AR  Mount Nebo S.P AR

Mount Nebo S.P AR

On the way back as yesterday the weather changed momentarily and it started to pour rain as from buckets or as others say it rained “cats & dogs”, lets hope that in the morning blue skies will appear again as we still have to visit the third last peak Mt. Magazine  before we move West.

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