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Thursday, August 21, 2014

Hot Springs Arkansas

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President Andrew Jackson designated Hot Springs as the first federal reservation in 1832.As the first piece of America protected for future generations , Hot Springs is essentially America’s first National Park .The picturesque beauty of this unique city is matched by colourful history feathering some of the most iconic figures the country has ever known.

The naturally thermal spring waters that flew into the bathhouses were believed to have healing properties,which is why presidents ,outlaws,athletes and other celebrities visited the Spa City.

Hot Sprimgs AR  Hot Sprimgs AR

Today you can still soak in a terminal waters,as well as receive massage and spa treatments on the world famous Bathhouse row, but not with these rates:…….

Hot Sprimgs AR

Hot Sprimgs AR  Hot Sprimgs ARHot Sprimgs AR P1100149

We could not be in Hot Springs with out having a soak ,the problem was to chose from all the bathhouse which one to chose,so we went with the one that was the most authentic rather than the modern ones.

I chose to do the bath with out the Swedish Massage ,if Swedish Massage than it should be done by a Swedish Gal…..so the procedure was as follows:

First of all No couple baths…so sadly each one went his own way and latter we compered notes  that were almost the same except the pampering issue that depended on the host,

I had to get rid of everything in a locker room and followed my host covered with a sheet to an old style bath that stood on legs , it was half with warm water ,this was changed by my host till I almost could not take it,then he started the pump and slowly I got into a half dozed mode….till he woke me and pointed to a 360 degree shower and then to a bed with a hot towel under my low back…man oh man this was close to heaven-sorry no pictures,but as I was almost “well done” he took me to a steam room where I did not survive more than a few minutes , then a relax room or I would call it recovery room from all the “treatment” but  my skin is smoother now and I can say I did it in Hot Springs.

After drinking a “gallon” of spring water we took a ride to the observation tower on top of the hill to see the view from 215 feet and have some lunch.

Hot Sprimgs ARHot Sprimgs AR       Hot Sprimgs AR

The main street has it all,restaurants,shops,ice cream parlours,coffee shops,hotel and of course bath houses,before  heading “home” next to Quachita Lake we enjoyed our evening stroll  as things got  slower in the city .

Hot Sprimgs AR

Great atmosphere and highly recommended to visit Hot Springs even if the Hot Bath with no cure all your health problems.

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John and Carol said...

We volunteered at Hot Springs in 2007, spending two months there. It is a great place, isn't it? (We did take baths but no massage.)